What is an Early College High School?

What are Early College High Schools?
Early College High Schools are small high schools from which students can earn a two-year associate degree.

Where is the school located?
Northwest Early College High School is located on the El Paso Community College Northwest campus at 6701 South Desert Boulevard in the Canutillo Independent School District.

What types of students will Early College High Schools serve?
Early College High School students are incoming freshmen who show a sincere interest in academics and a willingness to work hard. Students must be incoming freshmen or sophomores. Northwest Early College High School will focus on students for whom a smooth transition into post-secondary education is challenging. Northwest Early College High School is designed to substantially increase the number of low-income students, minority students, English learners and first-generation, college-bound students who will pursue a college degree.

Does my child have to be in the Academically/Intellectually Gifted Program to participate?
No. Students and parents need only demonstrate a commitment to fully participate in an academically rigorous program.