NW IT Troubleshooting Page

Welcome to the NW IT Troubleshooting Page
This page is a work in progress.  

If you have an IT problem:
1.  Check this page for an answer -- if none is found continue
2.  Take screen shots of the issue and be ready to describe
3.  Contact Ms Tabor via email (with the subject IT problem) or chat [email protected]
4.  If the problem cannot be solved in that way, you will be asked to make an appointment at IT Appointment Calendar  If you are asked to make an appointment, read this document.


•What do I do if my password needs to be changed?
    If your password needs to be changed you need to go to RapidIdentity on the Quicklinks page and follow the steps.  If you still have problems , contact Ms Tabor.

I cannot log in to Student Portal.
     You need to change your password in RapidIdentity -- see above.

What do I do if I can't login to my computer?
     Verify that you are typing it correctly.  If it still isn't working, contact Ms Tabor

•I need software installed for a class.  What should I do?  
     Make an appointment with Ms Tabor, but be specific about what you need and do it sooner rather than later.  If you wait until the last minute, there may not be time to get everything approved and completed.

•I forgot my EPCC Login.  What should I do?
      You will need to contact EPCC.  Canutillo ISD has nothing to do with these logins.  They offer Remote assistance through this link.

•Ms Tabor hasn't responded and I'm freaking out.  What should I do?  
      Well, it depends.  How long has it been?  If it has been a whole day, then email or IM again.  If it has been less than a day, try to be patient.

•But it's an emergency.
Try IT support during business hours at
CISD IT Helpline:  915-877-7480