Benchmark 1:

  • Recruitment Plan

  • Brochures and Marketing:

  • Admissions Policy and Enrollment Application

Benchmark 2: partnership Agreement

  • EPCC-CISD Dual Credit Partnership Agreement (MOU)

Benchmark 3: P-16 Leadership Initiatives

  • School board and board of regents' presentations

  • ECHS-IHE Meeting agendas and minutes

Benchmark 4: Curriculum and Support  

  • Master Schedule 

  • Office Hours

  • Learning Community Agenda and Notes


  • Calendar of Outreach Events

  • College Crosswalks and Student Advising Documents

  • Advisory Curriculum Materials

Benchmark 5: Academic Rigor and Readiness

  • TSI Testing Calendar 

  • Aggregate reports of TSI exam performance 

  • Tutoring Schedules 

  • Bridge Program Curricula and Schedule 

Benchmark 6: School Design

  • Annual training or professional development plan with ECHS and IHE faculty.

  • Mentor/induction program plans.