Muir, Alisia

Aloha! I teach both P-AP English and AVID. I consider myself privileged to have been teaching since 1993. My teaching experiences include the various English classes, Yearbook, Journalism, Debate, Creative Writing, Literary Magazine and a crazy semester of U.S. History. I love to learn and as a result I have various degrees and teaching certifications. I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, philanthropic endeavors and all things related to food. The anticipated and boundless opportunities for me to learn from my students is breathtaking.


Classroom: P-2

Subjects: Pre-AP English II and AVID

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 915-877-1700

Conferences: Monday and Wednesday 12:55-2:20pm or by appointment

Tutoring: M-F 8:10-8:50am and after school by appointment