Dual Credit U.S. History

Crossing the Delaware This is a dual credit course. Students will get credit at the high school level and also at the college level.
Because we live in a border community, we discuss how national laws, conflicts, and trends shaped the El Paso region. By making connections between the national narrative and El Paso’s reaction and role, this course makes history engaging, useful, and relevant to students' lives and the community. This goal is achieved through lectures, class discussions, and reading assignments.
You will use an
Edmodo account, a Google Drive account, and access El Paso Community College's Blackboard. Follow your syllabus and calendar to check on your reading assignments.

We will be doing a fundraiser which will be crucial to sending students in my Dual Credit U.S. History class to Washington DC. Going to Washington would be a wonderful experience, but our students are largely from low-income families. As our school does not have the necessary funds, they can not contribute towards this goal. DC is an important hub of history with a variety of things that students can benefit from. I urge you to donate, so that myself, and my students, might get to see history.   Follow the link here:





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