Catherine Tabor

Welcome to my website.  My name is Catherine Tabor.  I hold Bachelors degrees in Mathematics and Physics, a Masters degree in Physics and am currently working towards a PhD in Computer Science.  I am certified to teach Mathematics, Science, Physics,  and Computer Science.

I began my teaching carreer over 20 years ago when I took an adjuct faculty position at The Evergreen State College.  In El Paso, I have taught at Coronado, Bowie, Irvin, Canutillo, and now Northwest Early College HS.  I have also taught at UTEP and act as an invited speaker at conferences such as CAMT, CAST, AP National, ASEE, and ACET each year.  I have taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calulus, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry, and I have taught at all levels--regular, Pre-AP, AP, and IB.  I teach grades 9-Undergrad.  Please Click here to view my CV.

I am also a proponent of life-long learning.  This year (aside from taking classes towards my PhD), I participated in professional development which included How to Run a CS Summer Camp (5 hours on Nov 21, 2015), Mini-CAST (6 hours Oct 3 ,2015), Digital Science for the 21st Century (on 6 hours on March 31,2016), and paticipated in the process for Computer Science Standard setting for TEA on various dates throughout the year.  I will be completing a 30 hour AP training for Physics 1 in July. 

I am currently teaching Astronomy, AP Physics 1, and AP Computer Science.  The syllabi for each course is located on the Useful Links Page.

You can contact me at or you may leave a message for me at (915)877-1700.

My schedule for the 2015-2016 school year is as follows:

A-Day (Monday and Wednesday)
1st Period AP Physics 1 9:00-10:25
2nd Period AP Computer Science 10:30-11:55
3rd Period AP Physics 1 12:55-2:25
4th Period Conference 2:30-3:55
B-Day (Tuesday and Thursday)
5th Period PLC 9:00-10:25
6th Period Astronomy 10:30-11:55
7th Period Astronomy 12:55-2:25
8th Period AP Physics 1 2:30-3:55
C-Day (Friday)
All Classes--1st-8th with 40 minute classes

I offer tutoring Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:45 AM.  At other times, tutoring is by appointment.